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-90 % of the Power developped is used to fight Aerodynamic drag.

-10 Watts gain = 1 seconde faster per kilometer at 45 kph !

-Average gain for cyclist coming to ACE Wind Tunnel= 15 to 30 Watts !

This are the reasons making Wind Tunnel studies efficient for  :                                                          - Iron Man

-Time Trial

-Road races

ACE propose real life conditions in a state of the art facility for :                                                        -Pro Teams

-Professional Riders and Triathletes

-Frame, Wheels and equipement Manufacturers

With 75% of the drag coming from the rider and its position, success of the study is guarnteed.



- For the best choice of your equipment

- For a position improvement regarding the Power you deilver.

Every single details has an aerodynamic influence.

The wind tunnel helps you to choose the best equipement in order to make the difference and to be FASTER.

Questions : Which helmet is faster ? Where shall put my can 

Answer : Wind tunnel test it ! The solution will be yours !