Equipment Procedure is dedicated to  :


For reliable and accurate measuremnts

with 1 Watt Repeat


Equipment Procedure

ACE Wind Tunnel Cycling System was developed in order to help manufacturers and cyclists to improve their aerodynamics  and to make them faster !

Accuracy and Reliable Measurement

ACE Wind Tunnel reproduces accurately :

-The riders speed from 25 to 145 kph.

-Side wind thanks to a automatic Yaw angle system from 0 à 30°.

-Rotating wheels without riders for a better accuracy in the result.

ACE's Wind Tunnel will give you the opportunity to test up to 40 configurations per hour.

The Real World :

Our system was designed to supply accurate measurements thank to :

- a specific balance designed by ACE

- specific compoenent for a higher accuracy in the fitting

- specific tools for a higher accuracy in the setting

Head test bench

With our head test bench, we can benchmark and compare any helmets at any head and yaw angle positions with following sensors :

- drag measurement

- accoustics

- pressure tapping

- flow visualization

We can compare helmets in performance and comfort