Position procedure is dedicated to :

Riders and Triathletes

For all the event like Road races, Time Trial and Iron Man

Average Gains from  15 to 30 Watts


Position Procedure

ACE Wind Tunnel Cycling System was developed in order to help manufacturers and cyclists to improve their aerodynamics and to make them faster !

Real Life conditions at ACE Wind Tunnel ?

ACE Wind Tunnel reproduces accurately :

-The riders speed from 25 to 145 kph.

-Side wind thanks to a automatic Yaw angle system from 0 à 30°.

-Real life conditions through an adjustable brake for Power simulation.

ACE's Wind Tunnel will give you the opportunity to test up to 40 configurations per hour.

The Real World :

Our system provides a pedaling resistance up to 500 Watts with a Side wind platform in order to represente any real world situation aimed to be improved.

In parrallel, the power the cyclist is delivering can be measured through a Powermeter (SRM,... ).

Therefore a unique comparison of the overall performance and efficiency, can be made with  bio-mechanical to aerodynamics comparison being possible !

Picture system

With our picture system, Sideview and Frontview pictures will be taken at each position to help you understanding the aerodynamics gain and capabilities.

Live information and results !

Thanks to the result live screening ont the floor every cyclist coming get all the information possible.

This leads to an instaneous information transmission, as the effect of a position change is straight brought to the cyclist, while the wind tunnel is running !

Protocol, Bio mechanics and Coaching :

Therefore if you need advices or a complete bio mechanichal analisys, we can introduces you to the leader system to help in choosing the methods that will match your willings.

With the cyclist's feedback, a coach can bring the instructions in order to make it as profitable as possible.

The results are  provided on a table form including drag, Cd, watts, wind speed, time saved by the modification, and pictures for each configuration tested.

Informations before coming :

For a complete test session, you will need fitted on your bike :

- a wheel speed sensor.

- a pedalling frequency sensor.

- a Power measurment system such as a  SRM, Qarq, Powertap, Keo Power (option).

-to give us in advance the wheelbase of your bicycle.

Therfore for a complete test including wind tunnel and advice, the cost is :

-600 Euros including taxes per hour.