With over 20 years of experience in general CFD approach, ACE is able to work and improve the flow structure you are facing.

CFD Dept. Manager :
  • Contraction ratio
  • Dimensions
  • Turbulence level (%)

CFD Work Area

The CFD work area is really wide. Besides external aerodynamics, it also provides hydraulic, thermic and internal flow studies.

The following list represents some of the possible tests to be conducted with our CFD ressources and knowledge :

  • Transport industry (automotive, railway, ...) : external and internal aerodynamics, thermoanalysis, air induction.
  • Aeronautics : external and internal aerodynamics, air induction.
  • Sports (cycling, motorcycling, single seater,prototype cars, WRC, ...) : aerodynamic performance.
  • Nautical industry : above or under the waterline, separately or simultaneously.
  • Building industry : external flows, heating and cooling systems.
  • Electronics, Medicine, Agribusiness, Electrical engineering, Chemical industry, Arms industry

Unsteady cases are possible and allow studying complex phenomena on time basis in order to solve and anticipate design solutions regarding aero-acoustics, vibrations…:
  • Rotating machines (propellers, fans, wind mill etc.)
  • Multipase problems with free surface (forces generated by water on a boat, etc.)
  • Liquid sloshing (Forces generated during cornering or take off, etc.)
  • Tank filling
  • Aero-acoustics