With over 20 years of experience in general CFD approach, ACE is able to work and improve the flow structure you are facing.

CFD Dept. Manager :
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  • Dimensions
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CFD possibilities

Since its introduction in the seventies CFD has become a more and more important tool in the vehicle engineers toolkit.

A fast, reliable concept analysis tool

In these early days, the computational power of computers was very limited, solutions often taking many days to be calculated. Therefore the use of CFD expanded quite slowly.

Nowadays the trend is just the opposite, as the computational technologies have made considerable progress, turning CFD into a fast, reliable concept analysis tool, highly regarded by many companies.

CFD can be either a good alternative or a necessary complement to wind tunnel development, by limiting the number of configurations tested, so their cost.

With the wide range of analysis allowed, CFD can quite often speed up the understanding of the flow structure.

Examples of applications