We offer our expertise in aerodynamics to complete projects during the design phase surface.

Head of Research :

3D digitizing

Within our walls, our reverse engineering service digitises, controls and inspects any kind of geometries, with our high quality equipment.

The SIGMA arm

Large range of displacement to digitize large parts in a single operation, with an operating range of 3000mm in diameter and an accuracy of +/- 0.05mm.

Different probes, including the G-scan laser-probe, to digitize mechanic elements with complex surfaces without contact, quickly, completely and reliably.

The VPS Zone

  • Prototype cars
  • Suction
A large Vertex Positioning System (VPS) zone of 4m x 6,5m, designed and calibrated by Romer, to digitize a complete vehicule without constrain and efficiently (including under-body and engine bay).