Wind Tunnel

ACE provides several additional tools for a better understanding of your products' aerodynamic.

Wind-tunnel Manager :

Analysis in wind-tunnel

The analysis of your test results will not be limited to treatment of aerodynamic forces, but can also help you identify the flow structure.

Our softwares

The wind-tunnel data acquisition system is associated to in-house developed softwares.
It allows :
· the most appropriate kind of runs,
· real-time visualization of the results,
· personalized output files or documents.

Pressure sensors

With the multiplexed pressure sensor, associated to our specific software, you can measure up to 64 values at a time. Then, you can study the flow on every part of your vehicle, external (wing, flap, underbody, ...) or internal (cooling systems).

Characterization of the cooling

In parallel with the wind-tunnel, Aero Concept Engineering, has an aerodynamic test bed for testing cooling elements or internal flow of small dimensions. It also allows models to size the radiators in order to obtain adequate permeability, compared to a scale model.

The Flow visualization

The Flow visualization is an experimental means of examining the flow pattern around a body or over its surface. The primary advantage of such a method is the ability to provide a description of a flow over a model without complicated data reduction and analysis.


The Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is an optical method which consists in recording images of illuminated particles within the flow-field. The PIV technique provides a quantitative, instantaneous, whole-field visualization and two-dimensional description of the flow.