Wind Tunnel

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Wind-tunnel Manager :

Wind-tunnel Data sheet

Racing car configuration Standard configuration
General Type Single return closed-circuit Single return closed-circuit
Test section Shape Rectangular Rectangular
Dimensions Length 4750 mm,
Width 2300 mm,
Height 2200 mm
Length 4750 mm,
Width 2300 mm,
Height 2200 mm
Contraction ratio 7 7
Turbulence level (%) 0.2 at 40 m/s 0.2 at 40 m/s
Rolling road Dimensions Length 3010 mm,
Width 1500 mm
Speed Up to 40 m/s -
Temperature regulated -
Boundary layer Suction Yes Yes
Fan Power 250 kW 250 kW
Speed Up to 40 m/s Up to 40 m/s
Models Scale Up to 60% 100%
Strut Adjustable in X -
Wheel supports Adjustable in X and Y -
Yaw + / - 6° From 0 to 20° Automatic
Steer -
Remote control (software) Laser controlled Remote control (software)
Measurement Balances Internal chassis balance 6 components,
Additional balance 3 components,
Wheel balances (drag)
Pressure ZOC 64x ZOC 64x
Wheel speed Yes Yes
Softwares EOLE VIEW,
Live-timing results,
test comparisons,
Live-timing results,
on screen and on the wall of the test section,
automatic saving on files and DVD.