... They came in our Wind Tunnel, and they talk about it ! :

«I was able to optimize my position and gained important Watts!»

« We have optimized the position of each rider ! »

Eric Barone : speed record on a bicycle

Wider and higher, a regular MTB, doesn't ease aerodynamics.
Eric Barone trusted us and left us invent the design of his
new bike with ACE tools and knowledge:

Baselines through Reverse Engineering

- The record holder bike establishes a baseline

- Eric's position on his MTB

- The chosen standard frame for the mechanical dimensions and surface envelope

CAD Design

- Design of the fairing around the standard scanned components

- Parametrical aerodynamic surface design.

Development with CFD

- Iterative and detailed development of all " Bike - fairing - Man"

- Support for strategic decisions on the mechanics thanks to the CFD

Optimization in the Wind tunnel

- Wind tunnel testing with rotating wheels

- Optimization of Eric's position

- Optimization, integration of accessories and finish (video, sealing , clearance ...)

A new speed record on a MTB

Goal achieved 
with 223,30 kph !


ACE has demonstrated that its tools, resources and skills 
allow its customers to reach their goals !