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The wind tunnel

With or without a moving surface, with or without turntable, our wind tunnel is perfectly suited to meeting a wide range of requirements. Aeronautics, automotive, research, sport, wind power, etc. are all sectors of activity whose efficiency of their products can be improved by tests performed in our wind tunnel.

Specifications of our wind tunnel

  • Configuration : single return closed-circuit
  • Power : 250 kW
  • Contraction Ratio : 7
  • Speed: from 7 to 40 m/s
  • Turbulence Intensity: 0.2% at 40 m/s
  • Test Section:
    • Length: 4750mm
    • Width: 2300mm
    • Height: 2050mm
    • Type: closed
  • Equipment:
    • Pressure : Scanivalve ZOC ( channels available)
    • Smoke visualization
    • Oil-flow visualization
    • PIV : Possibility to use your own PIV system or external services

Full plane configuration:

  • Models: up to 1.5m span
  • Pitch, Yaw: integrated in the model
  • Take-Off and Landing simulation: Thanks to the 2-stages boundary layer suction, the Rolling Belt(1.5m wide) and the Z-displacement of the strut, we are able to simulate true ground effect during take-off and landing at several altitudes.
  • Forces and moments measurement: several 6-components balances.
  • Rotating propeller with possibility of torque and thrust measurement.
  • Actuated control surfaces during the test to reduce time spent for flight envelope exploration.


Half plane configuration:

  • Models: up to 1.5m semi-span
  • Pitch: from -30° to 30°
  • Boundary layer: 2-stages boundary layer suction in front of the model reducing the height of the boundary layer close to the model, reducing the necessity of using a peniche (still possible if required).
  • Forces and moments measurement: 3-components system with the possibility to choose any of the three components range to match your requirements.
  • Actuated control surfaces during the tests to reduce time spent for flight envelope exploration.
    • Models: up to 60% scale
    • Forces and moments measurement: several 6-components balances and 3-components balances for separated measurement (e.g. front and rear wings)
    • Rolling belt: up to 40m/s
      • Length: 3010mm
      • Width: 1500mm
      • Temperature regulation
    • Model displacement :
      • Pitch, Roll motorized (laser controlled)
      • Yaw: +/- 6°
      • Steer: 7°
    • Wheels: attached to the model or to separate struts for individual drag measurement.


To conduct your studies, our CFD unit uses a machine cluster with more than 300 cores and 2.2 TB of RAM permitting the computational meshing of more than 100 million cells every day.


Thanks to our pre-processing tools, we are able to prepare your CAD designs for subsequent computational use. We have also post-processing tools that allow you to visualise the various physical flow values in image or video format.

The workshop

Adjoining the wind tunnel, we have fully equipped assembly, machining, fast prototyping (3D printers) and woodworking workshops. These workshops not only allow us to assemble, fine-tune and modify mock-ups but also enable us to shape the development parts during the wind-tunnel tests.


We can also make these workshops available to you during your wind-tunnel testing so that you can benefit from optimum conditions during your work.

ACE of Aircraft

Our ACE of Aircraft software has been designed to meet your needs!


It has been developed specifically to respond to the constraints of businesses in the general aviation field and is guided by four key principles:

  • Reasonable licence cost
  • Optimised computation runtime
  • No knowledge of fluid simulations required
  • Performance worthy of the best CFD software