Do your CFD teams spend most of their time running simulations which all resemble one another and lack the time to devote to R&D or finding new modelling methods?

Do you want to integrate CFD in your design office so that you can perform clearly targeted simulations but don’t want to lose time training or upskilling?

Then our “Software packages” offers are made for you!

Based on the specifications provided by your design office, we will develop a software package capable of performing the fully automated meshing, datafication, computation and post-processing of your use cases. All you have to do is provide the CAD and the conditions for the computation and our software package will take care of the rest!

Our software packages are based on the OpenFOAM computation kernel and include a smart meshing and computation methodology specially developed to meet your needs. This gives you the assurance of obtaining reliable results without taking up too much of your time. Based on an open-source kernel, these software products are not subject to any licence fee: once it has been developed and rolled out in your company, the software package belongs to you.

Choose the easy way to access the power of CFD and boost the value added of your teams thanks to our “Software package” solutions!

Our packages can be developed with or without GUI depending on your requirements and budget. In addition, we can provide maintenance and a hotline on request.

Our areas of expertise


Coming from the world of motor sports and based in the technology centre of the Magny Cours circuit, the Aero Concept Engineering team is deeply immersed in the automotive world. From motor sports to series production, along with the world of non-standard vehicles, ACE has contributed its expertise to numerous automotive projects.


Our engineers have been involved in aeronautic projects for many years. They have studied certified aircraft, ultralight aircraft (ULMs), drones and even airships using CFD techniques or in the wind tunnel.


Since HGVs, construction machinery and agricultural machinery are subject to aerodynamic and thermal problems very similar to those affecting passenger cars, our teams are regularly called upon to work in these fields.


Pantographs, landing doors, carriage doors, train tunnel entries, crossings, air conditioning… These are just a few examples of the railway-related topics that we have been asked to address.


Are you responsible for the construction of a new district or a new building? Do you want to make sure that the aeraulic and thermal issues are dealt with prior to the construction work? Then please contact us!


Whether earthbound or airborne, armoured or not, take advantage of our experience to optimise the thermal and aerodynamic aspects of your military vehicles.

Sports and Records

Make your entry into the world of ultimate performance thanks to our sports-dedicated entity Our aerodynamic engineers will help you get the very best out of your machine and open the way to records, medals and victories!


Research has been one of our sectors of activity for many years. With our wind-tunnel tests, the design of mock-ups and our expertise in CFD, we have cooperated in the preparation of many theses and dissertations.


Do your industrial processes or products involve thermal considerations, aeraulics or fluid mechanics? Would you benefit from support in their development and optimisation ? Then please contact us !