ACE of Aircraft

Downloads and license

Quick installation on Windows :

  • Install python 3.8.8 : link
  • During the installation, make sure to check the options as shown in the image opposite
  • Install Ace of aircraft with the installer : V1.33 [latest]
  • Check below to obtain and install a license file

Quick installation on Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04 :

  • Enable the download of the dependencies (OpenFOAM and FreeCAD) by running the following commands in a terminal :

sudo apt install curl
curl -s | sudo bash
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freecad-maintainers/freecad-daily
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt install ./ace-of-aircraft-v1.33-U20.deb  #for Ubuntu 20.04

sudo apt install ./ace-of-aircraft-v1.33-U22.deb  #for Ubuntu 22.04

  • Check the bottom of this web page to obtain and install a license file

User manual :

Windows installers :

Ubuntu 20.04 packages :

Ubuntu 22.04 packages :

Other links:

  • patch notes and known bugs : link

Why do I need a license?


You can install and launch the software without a license, but you will not be able to make your own aerodynamic analysis without it.


Here are the different license levels we offer:



(Free) This license is dedicated to enthusiasts who want to test their concepts. It will allow you to use ‘Draft’ and ‘VLM’ modelling types with a standard office computer, running Windows.



This license is dedicated to professionals. In addition to what is offered in the Bronze license, it will allow you to simulate the airflow in detail with Navier-Stokes modelling. You will need to run Ubuntu.



The all-options version. In addition to features included in the Bronze and Gold versions, you will get additional features in the Navier-Stokes modelling. This includes modelling propellers and heat-exchangers, air inlets and exhausts. You will also get additional post-processing options such as measuring moment around a specific axis for a manoeuvring surface, or get the spanwise loading of an element. You will be able to use a cluster of computers to process your list of computations.



(Free) This license was made for schools and universities and will only be offered to those already having a Gold or Platinum license. The goal is to allow the installation and use of some features of the software on a large number of workstations, especially for data input and results visualisation. Cases prepared with an ‘Access’ license can then be read by a workstation having a paid license, which will solve the Navier-Stokes computations. Schools, needing a workstation for each student, will be able to organise practical work sessions. Students can prepare their cases with an ‘Access’ license before running their computation on the teacher’s workstation which is the only one having a Gold or Platinum license.

License subscription form

To obtain a license, please complete the following form, we will answer as soon as possible.


(*) NB: To find the ‘Machine ID’ requested, please install the software, and click the ‘Settings’ tab on the top navigation bar. Your ‘Machine ID’ will be indicated in the bottom right of the page.